How to Make Kopi Luwak? (aka Cat Poop Coffee)

Okay so you decided to go ahead and buy a bag of roasted kopi luwak coffee beans.

Now it’s time learn how to properly brew the coffee beans. And with coffee beans this expensive, it’s best if you follow these 6 really simple guidelines to on how to make kopi luwak coffee.

There would be nothing worse than messing up the world’s rarest and most expensive cup of coffee.

How to Make Kopi Luwak Coffee aka Cat Poop Coffee

To make the best cup of Kopi Luwak coffee possible, you should follow these 6 simple guidelines and tips.

Step 1- Buy a good bag of kopi luwak coffee

To make the best cup of kopi luwak, you need the best coffee beans possible. And for the best, freshest beans possible, be sure to buy your coffee beans whole, not grounded. Grounded coffee becomes stale very quick so it’s best to buy a bag and ground it up at home yourself. Here’s a few kopi luwak coffees you should consider.

how to make kopi luwakStep 2- Don’t ever store your kopi luwak coffee beans in the freezer

Keeping coffee beans in the freezer will cause the beans to release all it’s flavor when it’s brought out from the cold temperatures in the freezer to room temperature.

Step 3- When brewing your coffee, be sure to use clean water that tastes good.

If your water tastes bad, then chances are you coffee will too. As a result, be sure to use the best water possible.

Step 4- Brew your coffee at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature is key when brewing coffee. As a result be sure to brew your coffee at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results possible.

Step 5- Make to sure to use the proper grind setting

If you’re making espresso, use the “fine” grind setting. If you’re dripping the coffee, use the “medium” grind setting. And if you’re brewing using a french press, use the “coarse” grind setting.

Step 6- Alway brew fresh coffee!

Never reheat your old coffee because it will not taste the same. If you’re trying the make the best cup of kopi luwak possible, then be sure to make it as fresh as possible with the best brewer possible.

Here’s a video that shows you how to make kopi luwak

And now you’re all set! Enjoy your cup of cat poop coffee!