Asian Palm Civet: The “Cat” in Cat Poop Coffee

You’ve probably heard about the coffee that comes from the cat poop, right? You know, the Indonesian jungle cat (Asian Palm Civet) that eats Arabica coffee berries and defecates them, only to have them picked up by Indonesian farmers, roasted, and brewed into coffee?

If not, well now you do!

If have you ever wondered what this “cat” is, or if you just want to learn more about the cat responsible for producing the rarest most expensive coffee in the world, then here’s some more information about the Indonesian jungle cat, properly known as the Asian Palm Civet.

The Asian Palm Civet

asian palm civet

The Asian Palm Civet is a member of the Viverridae family which can be found in southeast Asia, most notably Indonesia. The Asian Palm Civet is a small, cat-sized grey and black viverrid that has a long tail. It essentially resembles a raccoon and cat hybrid. The civets feel on fruits, mangoes, insects, and most popularly, coffee berries.